Buy stacking chairs at Stapelstuhl24: Your guests will be happy to sit down on them!

Stacking chairs always come into play when it comes to events. Whether wedding, conference, company anniversary or presentation - stacking chairs are always there.

Stacking chairs made of steel or aluminium

Stacking chairs are at home in every banquet area. Whether event location or conference area - they are always there. They can be stacked and stored well after use. Stacking chairs are available in different versions: made of steel or aluminium. Both versions are stable. Steel chairs are less expensive than aluminium chairs. Aluminium chairs have a lower weight and make work easier for the staff. The lighter they are, the easier they are for the staff to handle. Stacking or banquet chairs made of aluminium are both high-quality and light. Since every event is newly seated, lightweight chairs prove to be an enormous advantage.

Convincing ergonomics

At meetings and conferences, participants often sit on stacking chairs for hours. Sophisticated ergonomics are therefore the be-all and end-all. We at A.B.C. Worldwide have more than 30 years of experience and we let this know-how flow into the development of our stacking chairs.

The original American model from the 1950s is still the model for current developments of banquet chairs. Did you know that there are ventilated seat cushions? The choice of upholstery foam is also a decisive factor for quality. There are different seat designs: the classic Boxed Seat, the Pulled Seat with particularly high durability, the Ergo Seat and the comfortable Waterfall cushion. With the Waterfall Cushion, the foam tapers towards the front so that the blood circulation in the legs is not impaired even when sitting for long periods.  The upholstered backrest is flexible and keeps the back in motion. Chair legs that extend to the front and back ensure a secure stand. The concentrated knowledge of the construction of stacking chairs is the reason for the success of A.B.C. Worldwide far beyond the German market.

Fancy in a bowl for the wedding

Stacking chairs are wonderfully versatile: there are thousands of different upholstery fabrics, leather and imitation leather for them. For each chair there is the desired cover, matching the restaurant seating or the colour of the corporate design. Many upholstery fabrics are equipped with 3 M Scotchgard stain protection impregnation as standard, so that spilled red wine does not become a problem. With elegant covers and bows, banquet chairs can be set off to great effect at any wedding. Here we offer you many possibilities. With sewn folds, slits or elegant flounces your stacking chairs will look chic! In addition to the classic variants, there are also homely stacking chairs with wooden frames or design-oriented chairs made of polycarbonate. The latter are also available in elegant, transparent versions.

Fine details make the difference

Since we have been dealing with stacking chairs for a long time, the products from our company are a safe choice for you. There is a wide choice of chair configurations: there are, for example, various frame profiles with one to five notches as well as various glides that you can adjust to the floor. Do you want to make it even more comfortable? This wish comes true with upholstered armrests. In terms of fire protection, the chairs can be certified according to DIN 4102 B1 and DIN EN 1021 I + II if required. Of course we also provide you with spare parts so that you do not have to completely replace a damaged chair. We guarantee the availability of replacement parts for many years. This service and the professional advice of our team makes us a reliable, trustworthy partner for you.

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