High quality restaurant and hotel chairs mad from wood

Finding the right wooden restaurant chairs for your establishment is an important part of your success. In addition to excellent food and friendly service, furniture sets the atmosphere of your restaurant. They shape the first impression of your guests. The comfort of your seating determines whether guests will linger for another glass or leave right away.

These wooden and restaurant chairs are inspiring

Finding the right wooden and restaurant chairs for your establishment is an important cornerstone of your success. Besides excellent food and friendly service, furniture shapes the atmosphere of your restaurant. They shape the first impression of your guests. The comfort of your seating furniture determines whether guests will stay for one more glass.

A restaurant visit is much more than just going out to eat. That's why aesthetics and quality are so important. Going out is an experience for your guests, a plunge into a different world. Trust us for the selection of restaurant chairs.

With more than 30 years of experience, we offer you wooden and restaurant chairs in durable quality and chic design. If you can't find what you're looking for in our large selection, we'll be happy to take care of a custom-made product.

Choosing the right wooden and restaurant chairs The wooden or restaurant chairs you choose for your gastronomy establishment depend entirely on your concept. How would you like it? Colorful and playful, classically elegant, or reduced and modern in Scandinavian style?

Whatever you wish for, together with our consultants, you will surely find your dream solution! Just ask them. They will guide you to your goal. A restaurant chair can look quite different with a different cover than the model you see in our showroom or on this website.

Our consultants are there for you To avoid being overwhelmed with options, ask our consultants for your specific wishes and they will prepare a selection for you. So we accompany you from the first ideas to the finished furnishing. We are also happy to work with your interior designer or shopfitter - just as you wish.

Please do not hesitate to contact us. Good advice is important to us. After all, we want you to be satisfied even after the purchase. It is no wonder that we have many satisfied regular customers who keep coming back to us. Of course, we also take care of spare parts.

Bistro chairs for small spaces There are so many chairs and styles. Bistro chairs are ideal for small spaces. Due to their slim, simple appearance, they do not take up much space. This way, you achieve an optimal use of space.

Sometimes bistro chairs remind us of kitchen chairs from the 60s. You think of cozy evenings and automatically feel secure.

Beech is ideal for chair construction The classic wood for chair construction is beech. It is readily available, stable, and flexible at the same time. It can be milled, sanded, and bent well - for example, for chair backrests. Chairs made of bent wood are called "bentwood chairs." Bistro chairs often have bentwood backrests. They look simple, but are elaborate to manufacture, so they are something special. They can be integrated into many types of gastronomy, from cafes to bistros to upscale restaurants.

Rely on our handcrafted hospitality chairs for your restaurant!

Oak chairs Oak is also used in chair construction, but it is different to work with than beech due to its structure.

While beech has a fine, even surface, oak impresses with its coarser grain, which is further emphasized by brushing. This creates an incomparable feel. The structure of oak wood feels great!

Hospitality chairs in Scandinavian chic Scandinavian design has been increasingly popular in recent years. Clear, reduced shapes and light woods create an inviting atmosphere in any gastronomy. Hospitality chairs in Scandinavian chic just look sympathetic.

Chairs in industrial design Chairs and other furniture in industrial design are back in fashion. They look as if they just came out of the workshop, like our iconic swivel stool.

This originality with flaws and other noticeable processing marks creates a unique character. You can combine chairs in industrial design wonderfully

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